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Film Restoration

Shooting on Film is a beautiful process and is the only way to truly make your film feel like true cinema. However, sometimes you can get unexpected issues with light leaks, X-Ray Damage or torn perforations; restoration is your one way ticket to saving your film!

Check out some of our examples of saving films below.

Santa's Chair (2024)



Unfortunately, this production's beautiful look was initially harmed by unexpected X-Ray damage from shipping the stocks into America. As you can see, there was an intermittent pulsing throughout the film. However, our in-house restoration team were able to get rid of this completely which in turn left the film with the beautiful look it always should have had, all without altering colour space or distorting the imagery. 


*A LUT was applied to the After to further improve the look for online viewing.

Check out some further stills below that our grading team did for this project too!

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